Interested In Selling Uwaystone's Indian Natural Sandstone Products ?

Uway Stone India Private Limited  works with distributors internationally utilizing years of experience and industry knowledge to create quality partnerships empowered by mutual growth.

Custom designed Indian Natural Sandstone Products

* Custom designed displays

* Functional and easy to utilize sample boards

* Complete training program – to acclimate your entire staff to the natural stone industry

* Timely and efficient delivery

* Consistent availability

The Advantage of a Partnership

Uway Stone India Private Limited has years of experience in the natural stone industry but we don’t just sell stone, we create partnerships. Prior to a distributor officially deciding to stock our products,Uway Stone India Private Limited provides thorough analysis of each of its particular market(s) to demonstration creditably and commitment. Once the partnership is formed, Uway Stone India Private Limited guarantees consistent communication regarding:

* Market Change

* Shift in Product Development

* Overall Business Needs

* Product's offered in lass price than other's.

Our high level of communication is actualized through on-site product education sessions, customized marketing displays and providing an exclusive company liaison.

UwayStone holds a large inventory selection however we don’t just sell stone, we provide profitable opportunity. The ultimate goal of our partnership is to assist in the profitability of our distributors. Success is generated by supplying in-demand products with high turnover rates at a fair market cost. Pairing our detailed market analysis with our diverse product selections produces a specialized distribution plan for each distributors.

To see the opportunities for growth and profitability in your market, schedule an on-site meeting with one of Uway Stone India Private Limited trained natural stone professionals. We will help you analyze the future of your business and demonstration how Uway Stone India Private Limited fits into your individual company goals.

If you would like to apply for a distributorship in your market please fill out the application below and one of our Uway Stone India Private Limited distributor specialists will get back to you shortly.


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Bada Naya Gaon, Bijoliya
City- Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India 311602


Phone: +91 9772176671
Phone: +91 8905901771


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Phone: +91 9772176671
Phone: +91 8905901771

Bada Naya Gaon, Bijoliya
City- Bhilwara 311602, Rajasthan, India

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